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The nature in us is about to disappear. We're far from our origin and have almost forgotten, that we're only creatures on this planet.

But we do seek nature for the same reason. Because we need it. We go out into it, we walk in it, trek in it, we sit, tend our gardens, we love and die. We buy flowers, fill our homes with more or less artificial nature, but nevertheless nature. Outdoor Living, to some. Yearning, I call it.

In contact with nature, we heal, become whole. We find solutions, answers. Our too often stressed everyday life, becomes contrasted by the enormous silence and bigger meaning.

In my paintings, I try to rediscover the paths and places which we can walk, to look for and maybe find the meaning for a while. Not in the pictures, but in ourselves.

Our inner spaces.




Niels Valentin, May 2013.